I am a 29 year old artist, designer, developer, composer, and overall pretty cool guy. The life I live is one of dedication and creation. I specialize in programming web development in the regions of backend as well as frontend and love to create web applications and sites. I am a constantly evolving man in a perpetually evolving world. Please click the links above or use the sidebar to view my work, thoughts, and code. Have a nice day!

My Mission

To spread peace, love, unity, and respect throughout the world through myself and an employment that caters to the user experience and the greater good. To create works of art that resonate positivity to the world. And to leave the things better then when I found it.

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ACDelco Game Garage Pinball

Game sweepstakes

Through my employer Synergy Marketing Partners. I created a WebGL Pinball game for their ACDelco Game Garage Sweepstakes.

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ACDelco Game Garage Bowling

Game sweepstakes

Through my employer Synergy Marketing Partners. I created a WebGL Bowling game for their ACDelco Game Garage Sweepstakes.

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Meta Audio Synth App

Orzabal is a musical synth I created in C++. This project was meant to be a patchbay like instrument to which I could load numerous other instruments as a single entity synth. Currently builds for linux and works fairly well on the Raspberry Pi. This project uses the JACK Audio Connection Toolkit as an audio server and will load LV2 audio plugins and instruments. GUI uses Qt.



Pedal Steel Guitar Synth

OrzaSteel is a sound application to mimic playing a pedal steel guitar. It uses my sound library liborza and currently supports JACK as an audio server.



C++ Audio Toolset

LibOrza is a set of tools for creating audio applications. It currently supports JACK as it's audio server, and LV2 plugins for integrating as effects. It's patchbay will help you connect effects in sequence and . Use liborza-qt for a set of uis for managing those patchbays.

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Nodejs Cross Platform Webcam Usage

node-webcam is a Nodejs library for using your webcam to capture photos. It can use various program drivers and also comes with a C++ program for windows.

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Nigel Mack

Chicago Blues Triple Threat

I met through Nigel a few years ago and was commissioned by him to revamp his wordpress site. I am happy to see how this site has developed and it is a pleasure working with him.

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The galaxies most resilient JavaScript QR code generator

VanillaQR.js is a small javascript file for creating qr codes on the fly using the HTML7 Canvas element. Only 30kb and 10kb compressed it is meant to be an extra lightweight way to create and output QR codes. VanillaQR.js can output a variety of image formats including png, jpg, and bmp.

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Three #

A Web-GL 3D game and physics engine

Three # is a current project I work on invovling Web-GL, and physics to create a full featured JavaScript game framework. Based on top of Three.js and Cannon.js, Game Three offers numerous loading of 3D file formats and makes animating those 3D objects very easy.

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Heavy Metal Cryptocurrency

Cryptallica is a project I started to get invovled with the emerging world of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and etc... Currently Cryptallica has two software packages. The Cryptallica Wallet is a multi-purpose PHP application based around cryptocurrency use. Using the Bitcoin JSON-RPC API spec and Modularly written, this wallet allows for the use of sending, recieving, and scanning and importing cryptocurrency QR codes with numerously tested coins all in your browser. The Cryptallica Donator is an easily embeddable JavaScript widget that will show your cryptocurrency address for people to donate or send coins to you.

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Music Section

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